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Le Nozze di Figaro

(The Marriage of Figaro)
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Visalia Opera Company's
2012 production of,
Englebert Humperdink's
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The grand experience of theater opera encompasses and exposes audiences to nearly every art form, acting, dance, and of course singing, visual design and literature. Through our efforts at VOC, and our partnership with the local community through your patronage and generous donations, world class theater opera is accessible right here in our community. PLEASE continue to support your local opera company by making a generous tax deductible donation. Thank you!

About Us

Thank you for visiting the Visalia Opera Company website. We are glad to announce this year's production, The Marriage Of Figaro by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. V.O.C. is a non-profit artistic company whose mission is to bring world class opera to our region by exposing local citizens, especially our young people, to the art of opera and the beauty of voice.

Through community outreach and school programs the goal is to inspire our young people to explore the world of music, and reach out to the community by providing musical programs that enrich our lives.


For Information, Tickets and Donations:
Visalia Opera Company
c/o The Arts Consortium
425 E Oak Avenue, Suite 301
Visalia, CA 93291

Rosalinda Verde
VOC Executive Director

Niccolo Go
VOC Communications and Marketing

Rita Verde
VOC General Manager
Arts Consortium Board Member

Lauren Farris
Director of Taste of Opera
Arts Consortium Taste of the Arts Committee Member
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"We connect to opera through its celestial stories that are envisioned and inspired by the music and metaphysical mystery of a human voice. Opera is alive, and timeless - never tiring, never history, always art." -Mara Devereux

A statement from VOC director and founder, Rosalinda Verde
My love of singing has always been an integral part of me. At the tender age of three, I distinctly remember asking my mother to put me on stage so that I could sing. Music creates an invisible yet palpable connection between the audience and the singer, and ever since my first performance at three year old, I have longed for that connection. Years later I was off to college at Point Loma University in San Diego where I was given the opportunity to participate in the San Diego Opera and Lyric Opera as a chorus member. There my opera education began, not expecting that it would open new vistas in music, but also the world.
I had always imagined opera to be boring, foreign, and irrelevant, but it grabs you, it is incredibly affecting, relevant, and powerful. The stories told are timeless and expresses what it is to be human, beautiful and ugly, perfect and flawed, and everything in between. It also takes tremendous training, dedication, and talent to sing opera. If ballet is the high art of the body, then opera is the high art of the voice. It celebrates our best and that is amazing to watch and hear.

My desire is, to bring this art that celebrates the human voice to Visalia and our part of the world. I want to share these things I have seen and heard with our school children and the community at large. We have such talented individuals in Visalia and the Visalia Opera Company believes, we can educate and attract an appreciative audience. At this time, The Arts Consortium oversees the Visalia Opera Company. The consortium is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Visalia Opera Company needs financial support from businesses and the community and is actively seeking sponsors which allows us to continue this endeavor.



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Mid Valley Storage

Visalia City Council

Visalia City Arts Grant

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Visalia Opera Company presents UCLA Mariachi de Uclatlan June 8th 2013.

Visalia Opera Company presents UCLA Mariachi de Uclatlan June 8th 2013.

VISALIA OPERA COMPANY and the Arts Consortium hosted a most
Notable Night to raise money for the 2013 - 2014 opera season.

And it was a most Notable Night! The attendees of this fundraiser were entertained by live artist demonstrations including performances by the most talented and accomplished local singers in their field and a ballet company! A raffle and silent auction of valley artist's work was held and wine and appetizers were served. The public was invited to attend and experience ballet and the world class singing talent of Visalia's own local Opera Company.
COST: Tickets, $25 at the door or may be purchased in advance by calling 559-972-5798.
WHEN: October 27th from 5pm to 7pm.
WHERE: The Lakes Clubhouse, 1605 North Acres Street in Visalia.
WHAT: A fundraising event open to the public. Proceeds from the sale of tickets benefit the Arts Consortium, the Visalia Opera Company and their effort to produce and present to the local community, "Theater Opera" for the current 2013 - 2014 opera season.